Geisha House is a new concept of a virtual restaurant working in Birmingham city center, UK.

Geisha House started as we've noticed that since the lock-down there aren't much sushi delivery options in general, and any good plant based ones at all.

We've designed a special menu to offer variety of special fusion sushi-dishes, some are known and some were our own invention, bringing you just the perfect dishes.

Geisha House is making its own ingredients in many cases, and won't release any dish unless it'd be in the highest quality in terms of taste, texture and appearance.




WHERE DO WE DELIVER TO ? - We are located near the Mailbox in city center and will deliver all across Birmingham (up to 9 miles radius from B1 1LR)  and we might even do deliveries outside, however please confirm with us first before placing an order on 07737007778 (text/call), Instagram page, Facebook page or on our Live Chat.

PRE-ORDER IS BETTER - sometimes when demand gets higher than usual we might face shortages in some ingredients, and it’d cause us to not be able to serve you on time. To avoid it - consider pre-ordering by writing us on notes when you want it to be delivered, and we’ll make sure you’ll get it on time.

Delivery fee rates are :

1) Birmingham city centre is 3.5£ (Up to 2.5 miles away from B1 1LR)

* minimum order : 24.99£


2) Birmingham outside of city centre is 4.99£ (Up to 5 miles away from B1 1LR)

*minimum order : 24.99£


3) Birmingham city is 5.99£ (Up to 7.5 miles away from B1 1LR)

*minimum order: 34.99£


4) 6.99£ for delivery radius of up to 9 miles.

*minimum order : 44.99

 ON 07737007778 or

PICKUP ORDERS - any day (besides Sundays) between 17:00 to 20:00 only. Your order should be placed at least one hour before arrival. You’ll be contacted via phone/text when your order is ready for pick up.

pickups are from 20 Marshall Street, B1 1LR .

FOOD ALLERGENS - All dishes may have been with contact with any plant-based allergen, for example: peanuts, gluten, soy, legumes, citrus fruits, seaweeds, nuts, seeds, mustard, spices, etc.. Feel free to contact us before setting an order if you're concerned about allergens.

HALAL - We don't use any animal byproduct and alcohol in our foods.

PLANT BASED - All our ingredients are 100% plant-based, and we don't use any source of animal byproduct to produce our food.

FOOD QUALITY - We use the highest quality food from trusted suppliers, and we buy our vegetables and buns on daily basis to keep them fresh.  

SHORTAGE IN CERTAIN INGREDIENTS/DISHES - From time to time we might face shortages in some ingredients and dishes. We'll contact you if we can't prepare your order and we'll ask you what you'd want to do next (refund/replace your order).

LARGER ORDERS - We could supply foods for events or large groups of people (6 or more), or alternatively our chef could come and make the sushi for you in your event. However we'll might need some time to be prepared for it. Feel free to contact us for an enquiry.  

For any reason, if you wish to contact us, please use our email address for customer service on:


For urgent contact, please call us on:


Or Live Chat system on your screen right hand side down.